Acoma Wedding Pot.  This is a design from ancient pottery.  Made in 1982 by Juana Leno.  Photo in Nat'l Geographic 1984.   $180


Santa Clara Nativity ​4 pieces   $75

Acoma Miniature Pottery  1"

​       $59   .

​Minature Jemez Storyteller

2 1/2"   $69

Hopi Pottery made by Helen Naha in the 70s.  Helen was a sister of Joy Navassie.  Helen signed her pots with a feather (Feather Woman) and Joy signed her pots with a frog (Frog Woman).  They lived on adjoining property.     4*                   $695

 Santo Domingo Pottery made by Robert Tenorio.  Robert and Dad were good friends.  At Dad's funeral Robert brought a large basket full of cookies decorated with Santo Domingo designs.                                                   4"          $395

Daisy Nampeyo pottery necklace  Eleven miniature Nampeyo pots strung on a silver bead neacklace.  Daisy was a Hopi from the famous Nampeyo pottery famly.  She was married to a Zuni.  In the 1940s she was married to Leo Poblano and they teamed to make beautiful inlay jewelry.  Daisy attended an art institute in Paris where she learned mosaic art.  She taught Leo with the techniques. Leo was killed while fighting forest fires in the  early 50s.  When my family moved from Zuni to Gallup, Daisy came with us to help Mom with the kids while Dad was bedridden for nearly a year because of back surgery.  When Daisy returned to Zuni, she married Sydney Hooee. They moved west of the village.  The Zuni men joked that Sydney wanted to keep his beautiful wife away from other men so he moved away from the village.  Growing up a Nampeyo, Daisy had special pottery skills.  She turned from jewelry to pottery making.  She was singularly responsible for reviving Zuni pottery, which had all but disappeared.   Each of these miniature pots is signed.  The piece in the upper right has a broken handle.  This was made by Daisy in the 60s.                        $895


 ​Miniature Pottery

​Acoma Pottery Lamp   16"  without shade.  Painted on green ware.  $250

Acoma Miniature Pot ​ 3/4"  $180

​Thomas Natseway                           

 ​Acoma Miniature Pot  ​1/2"  $150

​Thomas Natseway                            

​Jemez Nativity Set ​ 6  pieces  $150

​Acoma Miniature Pottery  ​  2"


Jemez pottery by Juanita Fraqua  

4  1/2"  Made  in 70s.  $240

Acoma Seed Bowl made by Delores Lewis, daughter of Lucy Lewis.  Delores and her sister Emma are good family friends.  Each Easter with Lucy they brought fresh bread to our family.             4"                 $750

Acoma Wedding Pot.  There are some pock marks  from flaking clay.

​Made in the 70s.       $150                                            

​Santa Clara Nativity ​ 5 pieces         $120

​Assorted Pottery Masks  ​Not Indian handmade.  Made in 70s.  6"

​Individually specify color scheme:  $50 each   

Set of four:  $180

​Santa Clara Miniature Pottery   2 1/2"

​           $39

​Acoma Miniature Owl  ​1"   $21

​Jemez Nativity Set ​3 pieces  $90

Cochitti Pot   ​Bears overlooking cub inside.  Made in 80s.  $60   2 1/2"​​