Basket Chant by Wallace Ben.  Corn  growing from basket.  Guarded by two female figures.  The figures are each holding a water pot, corn tassels, and feathers.

​12" x 12"                                                                        $36

     Hopi Pottery   6"x12"  $18


Horned Moon & Sacred Plants

​            6"  x 12"       $15


           End  of Trail  6"x12"   $12

Seed Blessing.  Horned toad guards the entrance at the East and West.  Lizard is at the North and Bird in the South.  Four sacred plants - corn, beans, squash, and tobacco.  Corn has a male figure, as does squash.  Tobacco has two female figures and one male.  Bean has two male and one female figure. 

​12" x 12".                                                                        $50

Other Crafts

DID YOU KNOW THATsandpainting damage such as scratches can be fixed by spraying with clear laquer?

The following sandpaintings were in damaged frames.  I removed them from the frames.  There are traces of glue on some edges.  Unless otherwise noted, there is no damage to the appearance of the sandpaintings.

Navajo woven  sash.  Skillfully woven with double weave meaning the design is different on both sides.  These are worn with ceremonial dress by both men and women.  The sash is wrapped around the waist at many times as needed so that one size fits all.  105 "       $150

       Female Yei Figures  6"x12"There is some damage to the edges which was caused when removed  from old frame.  Easily covered with new frame or mat.      $12

Iroquios corn husk doll. Made with hawk wings and head and a dried apple face, which has shrunken to nothing.  Purchased in 1969.

12 " tall        $50   

   Chiracahua Sun 6"x12"  $24