Nichols #10 Figure w/Dark Glasses  ​Available Single  $195

Nichols #2 April Delaney ​Available Single $195

​Nichols #21 Man in Suit​  Available Single  $195

Pony Tracks by Frederic Remington   Written and illustrated by Remington.  Published by Harper and Brothers, New York, NY in 1895.  269 pages  Purchased at Goodwill.  Not in very good condition.  If in good condition it would be valued $300 to $500.            $100

 The Western Pony by William R Leigh

First Addition written and illustrated by WR Leigh.  116 pages  Published by Harper and Brothers, New York, NY  1933  A copy was listed for sale by Easton Books, Inc. in 2002 for $800.                                               $900

Other Books, Art, Etc.

Nichols #3 Wonder Woman & Friend       Available Single $195


​Nichols #13  Horseman  ​Available Single  $195

   Sand painting by E. George de Ville   1890 - 1960

Long-time resident of Gallup, de Ville studied Navajo sand painting and individual sand painters.  He because skilled in sand painting.  His work is highly prized.   This was purchased from him in the early 50s. 

4"x 6" unframed   8" x 10" framed               $250

​Nichols #6 Feathered Hat         Available Single  $195

Nichols #4  Old Woman  w/Young  Available Single  $195

John Nichols - Artist, Author - Screenplays & Novels

John Nichols was born in 1940 and resides in New Mexico.  He has published twenty books as well as several screenplays.  His first novel and later a movie was The Sterile Cuckoo (1965).  He is perhaps best known for his novel and movie, The Milago Beanfield War.   In 1978 he published The Magic Journey for which he originally intended the following block illustrations to be used for chapter illustrations.  They were not used in the book but instead created into block prints.  The subjects are Calaveras,  which are representation of a human skull in a decorative manner and most commonly seen in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) and the Roman Catholic holiday All Souls' Day.  I obtained several suites in the mid-seventies.  Offered here are two suites of fifty prints - 6/50 and 7/50.  Each suite has 21 prints.  Each print is signed and numbered and has the printer chop.  The suites are sold as a lot.  Additionally, there are prints from 32/50 (17 prints offered individually), 33/50 with 15 individual prints, and 6/40 with one print.  Documentation expressing his intentions for the prints is included.  Printing is on cotton paper 9 1/2" x 11".  Figures (~3"x4") are  randomly placed.  Titles were given by Nichols.  Available single prints as noted.  Some pictures are grainy.  Fault of my scanner not the print itself.                              Suites numbers 6/50 and 7/50   $3,045

Nichols #7 Figure w/Axe​Available Single  $195

Nichols #14  Gardener  ​Available Single  $195

 ​Nichols #16 Bearded Longhair​ Available Single  $195

Nichols #1 Guitar Player​  Available Single  $195

Nichols #19  Wino​ Available Single   $195

​Nichols #8 Figure w/Champagne Glass       ​Available Single  $195

Nichols #18 Figure w/Cane ​Available Single $195.

Nichols #5 Bride & Groom

​Nichols #12 Dancing Harlequin ​Available Single  $195

​Nichols #17 Fiddle Player ​Available Single  $195

Nichols #11 Figure w/Crosses. ​Available Single  $195

Navaho Trading Days  ​A classic of trading.

Photographs and narrative of Elizabeth Compton Hegemann’s travels through the Navajo Indian Reservation and the Grand Canyon from 1922 to 1934. It also documents Southwest Indian life and archaeological monuments during Hegemann’s career based at the Shonto Trading Post.   2nd edition.  Very Good Condition 388 pages  HB         $50

Nichols #20 Woman w/Broom ​Available Single  $195 

                         Navajo Religion
Gladys Amanda Reichard was an American anthropologist on the faculty of Barnard College, best known for her studies of Navajo language and culture. In 1926, she received a Guggenheim fellowship. This is an in-depth exploration of the symbols found in Navaho legend and ritual.  She discusses the attitude of the tribe members toward their place in the universe and their clans.   804 pages  Very Good Condition  HB   $35

​Nichols #15  Matador​Available Single  195

Nichols #9 Indian Woman  ​Available Single  $195