Hopi Kachina  ​Shalako.  Kachina often are made in tribute or recognition to other tribes such as Zuni and Navajo.  Shalako is a Zuni figure.  Made by R Swatzkuku in '92.  12"   $798

​Kachinas are shipped in double boxes.  When necessary the inside box will have the kachina suspended by packing string and packed with peanut packing.

 Hopi Kachina  ​Koshare made in 1991.  He is a clown that appears in most all ceremonies to entertain the guests.7 1/2"   $135

Hopi Kachina​  Corn Maiden       Made in the 80s  10"  $498

Hopi Kachina  ​Badger made by Coolidge Roy Jr.  9"  $698

Hopi Kachina ​ Long Hair made in the 80s.  Maker's name is unreadable.  15"  $575

​Hopi Kachina  ​Ahuli is the "lieutenant" to Eototo and only appears with Eototo.  He brings sacred corn meal to the villages at the time of Powamu.  Also seldom carved for sale.  Made by Tino Youvella,  Purchased in the 80s.  13"  $598

Hopi Kachina  ​Eototo is the most  sacred of all kachinas.  He appears once a year at the Powamu (Bean Dance) Ceremony.  He leads the kachinas for their return to the villages and brings sacred water.  Seldom carved for sale.  Purchased in the 80s.  13"    $798

Hopi Kachina   ​Eagle made by Ernest Hunnani in 1988.  13"     The eagle dancers are most commonly associated with the Laguna Tribe.     $3.900

 ​Hopi Kachina  ​Parrot made by Edward Tewanema in '91.  8"   $298

 ​Hopi Cradle  Doll  Placed​ in cradles or over an entry door to ward off any evil spirits. 16"  $150


​Hopi Miniature Kachina     2.5"    $49

Hopi Kachina  ​Long Hair usually appears in most ceremonies.  Made by G Honahnie in 1990.  7"  $298

Hopi Kachina  ​Hemis kachina offered associated with fertility because of the phallic symbols on the tablet.  Made by Alvin

​Honannie in the 80s.  $4,500

 Hopi Kachina  ​Kuivikuku or Fancy Kachina by Manuel Quavehema.  12".  Missing ear as shown.  12"     $598

 ​Hopi Kachina  ​Made by Franklin Sahme  15"  Missing feather on right side  $198

 Hopi Miniature Kachina  ​with pot. 2.5"  $59

Hopi Miniature Kachina  ​Navajo Yei bei chi dancer.  3"   $98

Hopi Kachinas