Argillite carving.  Purchased at Queen Charlotte Islands in 1969.  Haida.  At that time the going price of such carvings was $1,000 per inch.  This carving is 11".  It has been repaired from a break shown at the right.    Breaks are not uncommon as often times pieces are made in two or more sections because of the size and quality of the unfinished argillite prior to carving.


   Alabaster Carving Navajo Woman

22"  Heavy                                      $50

   ​Navajo Carving

​13"                        $69

        Carved wooden Kwakiutl bowl.  Purchased in the 1960s.

​            4" x 16"            $150


Navajo alabaster carving.  9"


 ​Baleen & Ivory carving.   Purchased this in Nome, Alaska in the mid-70s.  Bird is ivory.  The baleen piece is 9 1/4" long.           $239