Beaded Pipe Bag by Noah Horse.  Split-stitch beading on both sides as shown.  Native-tanned buckskin.  Black & white porcupine quills.  34" long.  Third place winner at 1994 Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial.           $2,400

   I spent about a month each year in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks as well as Mt. Rushmore, I had good fortune to create relationships with accomplished craftspeople and traders of the Northern Plains.  I made regular trips to the reservations of the Crow, Northern Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Sioux, and Shoshone-Bannock.  It was a giant leap from when I started buying beaded strips for dad.  When I was nine years old, I stood on a milk crate behind the counter and negotiated trades with Navajo bead workers.  The beaded strips were shipped to belt makers.  I never encountered better beadwork than what I found in the northern plains.  They are masters with split-stitch sewing where they don't run the needle  through  the leather, rather into the leather and out again.  The better items are made with native-tanned buckskin, buffalo, or elk skin.  The tanning process involves putting the hide on a stretcher, scraping the hair from the hide, then applying brain matter to the hide.   It is then made into a cone, placed over a smoking fire, and tanned.  If it is not put over a smoking fire, it will become a white hide.  A native-tanned hide has a pleasant smell and is soft and pliable.  Native-tanned clothing and moccasins can be hand-washed and put in a freezer for drying.  The hide-scrapping is shown in A Good Trade, as is history of the Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial.  The traditional method of quill work is to take a porcupine quill, cut off each end to relieve air pressure, soak the quill, chew on it to soften it, and then pull it through one's teeth to flatten it.  Not many bead workers have the skill for quill work.

Parfleche Dance Bag  Quill work.  Made in the 60s.                        $89

Beaded Dance Bag  Sewn on trade cloth and then sewn onto native-tanned buckskin.  Split stitch beading.        4" x 8"            $149

Beaded Pipe Bag by Rebecca Falls Down. Split-stitch beading on both sides of native-tanned buckskin.  Horsehair tassels on upper left.  25" long.  2nd Place winner at 1993 Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial.  $1,895

​Sold individually   $69 each

Beaded Dance Pouch ​Native-tanned buckskin. 19" long with fringe.  Lazy stitch.  Small shells and trade cloth tassels.                                 $225     

Beaded Fetish Bag  1" x 2"  $49

Crow Wedding Blanket by Rebecca Falls Down. Split-stitch on full, Native-tanned buckskin hide.  2nd Place winner at 1994 Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial.  Partial leg hair on bottom.  38" x 60"                                  $2,495

 Beaded Pipe Bag by Noah Horse.  Split-stitch beading on one side.  Native-tanned buckskin.  Quill work on spirit wheel and fringe.  2nd Place winner at 1994 Gallup Intertribal Indian Ceremonial. 34" long.                 $1,895

Shoshone-Bannock Fan Set  Native-tanned buckskin 10"  Set of four $239

 Navajo Beaded Head Band sewn on cloth.                                                                  $129

Beaded Shoshone Dance Bag  Native- tanned buckskin, Lazy stitch.  16" long Faint raindrops on buckskin.         $198

Beaded Hat Band

Navajo  1" wide                        $79

Shoshone Bannock Pipe Bag   Lazy stitch on one side of native-tanned buckskin.  Horsehair on tassels.  Has some faint raindrop  splashes on buckskin.  Bottom tassels have two elk hoof pieces.  27" long.               $595

Shoshone-Bannock Hat Band  Completely beaded with horsehair tassles.                                   $198

Beaded Dance Fan on native-tanned buckskin. Brass tacks.  14" long                        $169

Crow Scalp Loop made to hang from a belt or dance sash.  Lazy stitch beading with horse hair tassle.  In earlier times the tassle would have likely been a scalp. 22" long.                      $239

Beaded moccasins.  ​Unsure of tribe and time of purchase.  Child size.   $120

Apache Neckware worn as a choker with the beasded drop.  The figure is the Mountain Spirit Dancer.  It is believed to ward off evil spirits.  Not shown are bottom rows of fringe Blue-Silver-Yellow-Red- Silver-Black- White 16"                                                           $198

Strike-a-Light Bag  Beaded both sides on native tannedbuckskin. Made in 60s. 3" x 6"  $198

Beaded Dance Bag Lazy stitch beaded both sides on native-tanned buckskin. 11 1/2" long. Made in 70s. Used.          $129